Introduction of IKTE and its activities

About the Association

IKTE (Integrált Kifejezés- és Táncterápiás Egyesület, i.e. Hungarian Association for Expressive Arts and Dance Therapy, is a Hungarian nongovernmental organisation established in 2011 as an organisation for public benefit. IKTE is a not for profit organisation that was built on the foundation of a 11-years-old training centre. Our trainer group has worked together since the beginning of the millennium.

IKTE was established for the training and furthering of Integral Expression and Dance Therapy (IED), an integrative art therapy method, and furthering dance/movement psychotherapies in general. The Association works with all age groups (youth, adults, seniors) and both on the field of personal support and professional training and development. The members of the organisation reside in different areas of the country and work locally, regionally and on mainly project basis and professional networking also internationally.

Our main activities
We run
• Trainings, workshops for personal development,
• International projects for personal and professional development
• Therapy groups for psychological support.
We take part in professional dialogue through
• Organising intermodal arts events, conferences
• Publishing in professional journals
• Developing and joining joint projects in Hungary and abroad.

What is Integral Expression and Dance Therapy (IED)?

IED is a member of the family of approaches internationally known as expressive arts therapy ( A key feature of this complex, interdisciplinary approach is that it uses multimodal expressive arts processes for self-knowledge, inner growth, personal  development, trauma work and other therapeutic goals. This feature derives from the idea that expression has a healing power and we all have access to different ways, modalities of expressions. The core of our work is movement and dance, but IED uses the integrating effect of other ways of expression, such as music making, visual expression and drama, 'authentic movement', imagination, poetry, personal symbols and rituals and so on. The method is process oriented and helps one to find their self-healing potentials, hidden resources, and thus to improve the quality of their life. The process of creation and its meaning for its creator is more important than the aesthetic value of the end-product. IED works in groups – while immersed in artistic activities, the participants encounter each other in a deep way. Working together, creating together, being together, feeling accepted and acknowledged -  meanwhile also gaining deep insights on one's realtional characteristics and patterns. All this happens in a playful, joyful manner.

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The Association's management and bodies

Management board


Kiss, Tibor Cece

+36-20/317 69 64
Vice president:
Pete, Nóra
Brinzanek, Zsuzsa
Gazdasági vezető:
Révay, Réka

Members of the board:
Szabó, Ágnes
Zsiday, Krisztina

Council of Trainers

Jarovinszkij, Vera
Jakobi, Nóra,
Kiss, Tibor Cece,
Páll, Orsolya Emese,
Perfalvi-Zobor, Tünde,
Pete, Nóra,

Révay, Réka,
Tormássy, Krisztina

Training committee

Páll Orsolya Emese
Perfalvi-Zobor, Tünde,
Pete, Nóra

Ethics committee


Perfalvi-Zobor, Tünde
Jarovinszkij, Vera,
Laszlovszky, Ágnes 

Controlling committee

dr. Farkas, Erika
Jakobi, Nóra,
Takács, Bernadett

International projects

Currently (2017-2020) we participate in an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project lead by Border Crossing (UK) and CRN (Germany)

„MORE THAN WORDS - integrating creativity in intercultural training The project aims to improve the intercultural communication and training skills of educators, social and cultural workers, and others professionally involved with minority and other vulnerable communities.


We are involved (2018-2020) in another Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project lead by EURO-NET (Italy)

Europe City-Teller: Cultural mediation & storytelling for tourism between theatre, multimedia and narration

The main objective of EU-ACT is to transfer to operators, educators and mediators, new knowledge and skills in the field of cultural mediation and theatrical and digital storytelling, with the aim of co-creating new cultural tourism products spendable on the market.



Previous international projects

Our previous international project was coordinated by our Association and was implemented between 2014-2016.

„The artist within – Applied eMOTION. Dance and art expression in formal and non-formal education for developing entrepreneur skills – best practice sharing between sectors and methods.”

The project's aim was to develop and integrate different art modalities into the formal and non-formal educational activities. We intended to support institutions in empowering their colleagues and target groups to develop their entrepreneurship and related skills by using different
artistic tools in individual and group work.